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If you are in (any) relationship that’s not working right now, you might tell me, “we don’t communicate.”   But that’s probably not true.  Most likely, the two of you ARE communicating – but in a way that is ineffective or even hurtful. And with that hurt comes distrust, then distance, then hopelessness, then an ugly ending.


I don’t know where you are in that unraveling process.  But I do know this: a seminar that teaches you a few basic “how to communicate” techniques is not going to stop the process or change your life.  Because the “lack of communication” that you can see is caused by the fear-driven game of TAG that you don’t see or understand. And that game is what is actually killing your relationship.


In order to replace the relationships that you have now with the loving relationships you want, you first have to see the game clearly and master the skills that allow you to break out of it.  Because the game creates an atmosphere of fear and fearful people don’t change.  Why would you choose to be vulnerable, when you fear that you will get a response that is critical, judgmental, or cold?  It’s safer to stay “stuck.”


But once you learn how to quit playing TAG, you will no longer need to protect yourself by staying “stuck” in your current, repetitive patterns.  You will be free to draw closer to one another and to experience how wonderful that feels.  And then you will passionately want to learn to communicate more effectively, connect more deeply, make each other feel precious, and live more peacefully with one another.


The good news is, you CAN learn how to do those things.


With patient, expert, step-by-step help.


And with lots of gentle, guided practice.


At the ART seminar, you will receive both. And it will change your life.


By the end of most seminars, you might know a few facts about relationships.

By the end of the ART seminar, you will be IN a better relationship – for life.

Because ART isn’t just different; it’s unique!


Date: October 15-17 2021

Seminar Location : Hyatt Regency Hotel, 3200 E 81st Street, Bloomington, MN 55425

Promo Code : SuiteDeal - this code is available for the first 7 registrants to receive $50 off their registration in order to upgrade from a room to a suite

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The Beginning of Your New Life

It is true that the ART seminar itself will change your life. 


The profound, eye-opening truths that I have learned in my 40 years of intensive study you will help you to understand your relationships in ways you never did before.  You will literally begin to see with new eyes – an experience that people have consistently described as being fun, exciting, liberating, and life-changing. 


Each unique step in the seminar builds on every previous step and each of those steps include foundational concepts, powerful, guided exercises, personalized guidance, and experiences that will help you to open your heart, connect to others in a whole new way, and begin to build a truly new life.


But the weekend, amazing as it is, is just the beginning.


Once you get started on this exciting journey, you will want to keep learning and growing in your relationships.


And I will want that for you.


That’s why I will send you home with (complementary) books and workbooks that will help you to keep moving forward.


And why I will provide you with the (free) opportunity to ask follow-up questions.


And why I will help you to give and receive support within the healthy, growing community of others who have attended the seminar.


And why you can re-attend the ART seminar at any time, for free!


And why I will provide you with on-going seminars, webinars, and other teaching tools that will supplement all that you have already learned.




Additional Information:

  • Registration starts at 6:30 PM on Friday, October 15th 2021 and we will finish at 5:30 PM on Sunday, October 17th 2021
  • The seminar officially ends at 5:30 PM Sunday night but there will be an additional BONUS session after supper on Sunday, for all those who want to practice what they have learned, under Glenn’s direct guidance. This session will be very informal and very hands-on.
  • We will be meeting in the Stone Arch rooms
  • Parking is free in the Hyatt Regency surface parking lot
  • There is a free airport and Mall of America shuttle
  • The first 7 registrants will have the opportunity to take $50 off registration with Promo Code: SuiteDeal


A clear presentation of powerful Biblical truths which lay a foundation for a true Christian marriage . . . like no retreat I have ever attended, and I lead such retreats in my own church. Glenn is exceptional.

Kathy N.

(40’s, long-term marriage, no children)

The step-by-step insights and exercises took me to an emotional and spiritual core that I did not know I had. We stood in the very presence of our loving God and were changed – permanently.

Gregg N.

(50, 5 children, one from a previous marriage)

This was truly a life-changing event. . . the fundamental principles were clear and permeated every section we covered, each of which built perfectly upon the others. . . Glenn is boldly honest about the messages of the scriptures and claims them passionately . . .the tools, which will help us to forever live in the truth, were invaluable. . . Now I know who I really am - a beloved child of our God.

Melinda L.

(late 20’s, recently engaged)

Glenn helped us all to be honest by encouraging us in a way that was direct and yet totally kind and nonjudgmental of our foibles. . . I enjoyed every one of the 14 exercises . . . I especially loved the forgiveness piece and the constant reminders that we are all precious children of God.

Cathy S.

(40’s, engaged, two previous children)

The best seminar I have ever attended. . . gave me tools I can use immediately that will completely change my life for the better. . . strengthened our love tremendously. I will never forget this weekend.

Scott B.

(early 30’s, recently remarried, one child who died)

Glenn saved our marriage!

Deb and Brian G.

the LTT will transform not only my marriage but also every relationship I have . . . bless you Glenn, for this ministry . . . I want to find a way to carry on this life-changing message, so that others, too, might be healed. God IS good!

Roger H.

(late 30’s, three children)

a strong, loving leader with a powerful vision who answered every question with patience, kindness, and unmistakable clarity . . . we all felt comfortable sharing because the atmosphere Glenn created was so totally accepting.

Heather M.

(20’s, engaged, no children)

I felt that I was at one with God for the very first time in my life . . . I discovered that I actually love to communicate with my spouse and can do it on a meaningful, intimate level. . . an overwhelmingly positive experience.

Tim H.

(40’s, 3 children at home)

the message was incredibly clear and loving . . . there was no skirting the issues . . . the time we spent as a couple was highly effective and based on creative and invaluable exercises . .. by far the best weekend of my life.

Ann V.

(50 years old, two grown children)

Reading Being A Gentle-Man is like spending several hours with Glenn – talking with him, sharing his insights, and being challenged by his thought-provoking ideas and questions.

Richard S.

Glenn’s writing style is fun, dead honest, highly personal, and incredibly insightful. He truly understands the struggles we all face and challenges us to meet those struggles in a whole new way.

Wayne K.

Being A Gentle-Man provides us with a mirror in which we can clearly see ourselves and a powerful vision of who we may choose to become.

Dennis H.

The story will intrigue you, the content will amaze you, and the exercises will transform you.

Linda R.

In his seminars, Glenn demonstrates his profound love for people, an uncanny understanding of their needs, and the ability to explain, in the clearest possible terms, the changes that they need to make, if they are to have those needs met. Reading this book is like having Glenn in your home, teaching you everything you need to know, in order to have an incredible marriage.

Don and Kathy H.

I have read virtually every Christian self-help book on the market, and I truly believe that this is the best, most insightful, and most helpful book you will ever find.

Scott D.

Glenn and Gwen say, “Our God wants you to live in powerfully right relationship, with Him and with all of the people in your life.” With the help of this book, you can do exactly that.

Angela G.

This little book is SO powerful! You will see yourselves so clearly it will make you laugh. And then cry. And then get to work.

John S.

Playing TAG should be on every Christian’s bookshelf. It reveals the simple, amazing truths about relationships – how they get off-track and how to quickly and lovingly get them back on the right track.

Erik A.

The day I read this book is the day everything in my life changed. I now have rich, TAG-free relationships with all of the people in my life and I am never going back!

Dorothy W.

I have been a Christian for a very long time and never before have I heard the scriptures explained so clearly or experienced God’s presence so completely.

Janet C.

Learn More About Dr. Glenn Pickering

I look forward to us getting to know each other better at the seminar. For now, you should know that I am super shy, have autistic traits, and did not grow up in a way that helped me to create deep, personal relationships with anyone.  In truth, my friends were really just acquaintances, dating was a minefield, and my work life was a disaster.   The pain of all of that could have led me to choose a life of greater and greater isolation and loneliness.  And to be honest, that’s where I was headed.


But then a series of events (beginning with my dad’s tragic death) triggered in me an intense desire to understand what makes relationships work, the obstacles that we all face in creating those sorts of relationships, and the fastest and most powerful ways to overcome those obstacles. In the process, I gradually learned how to build a life filled with love, gentleness, and a sense of community and I have continued to learn and to teach others all that I have learned.


It is not an overstatement to say that I have been on a 40-year quest to understand relationships.   Those 40 years included lots of formal education and a collection of degrees.  But the real learning happened after all of that – in my interactions with the tens of thousands of clients, students, and readers who shared their lives with me and allowed me to walk with them, as they learned to build the amazing lives and loving relationships they had always wanted. 


I continue to be humbled by their faith in me and grateful for the opportunity to do the work that I do.  


I believe that all of us are called to see the pain in our lives as a sign that we need to be transformed, for our sake and for the sake of all those whose lives we will touch.


My life has been transformed.  And the ART seminar is my way of sharing that transformation with the people in my life.


My deepest hope for you is that the ART seminar starts a transformation process in you that changes your life and brings inspiration and hope to the people you love.

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