Christian Marriage Counseling Services

Serving the Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN Area

Are you looking for a compassionate and professional Christian marriage counselor in the greater Twin Cities, MN area? Dr. Glenn Pickering is here to help.

Dr. Glenn has over 30 years of Christian counseling experience and has seen it all. If you’re needing to speak with a licensed professional who has countless examples of clients successfully working through their marriage situations, there’s no better option than to contact Dr. Glenn. He provides the wisdom of a mentor and the voice of a teacher in order to help you through your marriage situation.

With his signature teaching of the concept of TAG within marriages, Dr. Glenn will provide you with the wisdom needed to continue the success of your marriage. 

With Dr. Glenn’s guidance, you can have a flourishing relationship with your spouse. You won’t just be in a better relationship with your spouse, but you’ll better understand your marriage in ways you didn’t before. As Dr. Glenn puts it, you’ll begin “to see with new eyes.” 

Trusted Christian Marriage Counseling In The Twin Cities

For personal and effective Christian marriage counseling services in the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN area, reach out to Dr. Glenn Pickering today!

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