Family Counseling Services

Serving the Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN Area

If you’re searching for a caring and compassionate Family Counselor in the greater Eden Prairie and Twin Cities area, look no further. Dr. Glenn Pickering is happy to meet with and listen to you.

Dr. Glenn Pickering has worked in the field of family counseling for over 30 years and desires to help create radically different relationships, which will allow clients to impact their world in amazing ways.

Not only does Dr. Glenn have the experience of being a licensed counselor, but his three decades of working with families (and having a family of his own) allows him to relate with his clients and foster helpful discussions regarding the family issues at hand.

#1 Family Counselor In The Twin Cities Area

If you’re facing a family situation that you would like to talk through with a licensed counselor, contact Dr. Glenn Pickering today. He would be more than happy to speak with you. Reach out to Dr. Glenn today to request a free 20 minute consultation!

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