Relationship Rescue Kit

Are you feeling unhappy and disconnected in your relationships? Watch these three videos from Dr. Glenn to get back on track.

Three days to a radically new understanding of relationships.

Stop playing TAG.

Letting go of control isn’t the answer.

Choosing love instead of approval.

Relationship seminar in Minneapolis

Dr. Glenn Pickering

For Dr. Glenn, the world is all about patterns. Born autistic and with no social or relational skills, he pursued engineering until a psychology class revealed human behavior and relationships have patterns, too.

This has led to 40 years of studying human behavior and relationships (and a PHD in Psychology). Dr. Glenn’s unique and practical approach has helped thousands experience healthy, lasting relationships. He teaches in-person seminars and offers a 5 week online course called It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way: Creating the Life and Love You Really Want. You can get the course HERE.

The Relationship Rescue Kit

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