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Even the most inexperienced seminar leader can teach you a few basic communication techniques.  But, if those concepts not preceded by mind-altering ways of understanding your current behaviors and are not followed by transformational experiences of right relationship, you won’t actually change in any way.  You just won’t feel motivated enough, clear enough, or safe enough to implement even their simplest teachings.


So, in the end, those sorts of seminars are a waste of your time. In fact, they are worse than a waste of time, since you will leave the seminar feeling even more hopeless than when you arrived.  


Sadly, that is what happens at most “breakthrough” seminars.


Date: October 15-17 2021

Topic: Relationships With Others

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A clear presentation of powerful Biblical truths which lay a foundation for a true Christian marriage . . . like no retreat I have ever attended, and I lead such retreats in my own church. Glenn is exceptional.

Kathy N.

(40’s, long-term marriage, no children)

The step-by-step insights and exercises took me to an emotional and spiritual core that I did not know I had. We stood in the very presence of our loving God and were changed – permanently.

Gregg N.

(50, 5 children, one from a previous marriage)

This was truly a life-changing event. . . the fundamental principles were clear and permeated every section we covered, each of which built perfectly upon the others. . . Glenn is boldly honest about the messages of the scriptures and claims them passionately . . .the tools, which will help us to forever live in the truth, were invaluable. . . Now I know who I really am - a beloved child of our God.

Melinda L.

(late 20’s, recently engaged)

Glenn helped us all to be honest by encouraging us in a way that was direct and yet totally kind and nonjudgmental of our foibles. . . I enjoyed every one of the 14 exercises . . . I especially loved the forgiveness piece and the constant reminders that we are all precious children of God.

Cathy S.

(40’s, engaged, two previous children)

The best seminar I have ever attended. . . gave me tools I can use immediately that will completely change my life for the better. . . strengthened our love tremendously. I will never forget this weekend.

Scott B.

(early 30’s, recently remarried, one child who died)

Glenn saved our marriage!

Deb and Brian G.

the LTT will transform not only my marriage but also every relationship I have . . . bless you Glenn, for this ministry . . . I want to find a way to carry on this life-changing message, so that others, too, might be healed. God IS good!

Roger H.

(late 30’s, three children)

a strong, loving leader with a powerful vision who answered every question with patience, kindness, and unmistakable clarity . . . we all felt comfortable sharing because the atmosphere Glenn created was so totally accepting.

Heather M.

(20’s, engaged, no children)

I felt that I was at one with God for the very first time in my life . . . I discovered that I actually love to communicate with my spouse and can do it on a meaningful, intimate level. . . an overwhelmingly positive experience.

Tim H.

(40’s, 3 children at home)

the message was incredibly clear and loving . . . there was no skirting the issues . . . the time we spent as a couple was highly effective and based on creative and invaluable exercises . .. by far the best weekend of my life.

Ann V.

(50 years old, two grown children)

Reading Being A Gentle-Man is like spending several hours with Glenn – talking with him, sharing his insights, and being challenged by his thought-provoking ideas and questions.

Richard S.

Glenn’s writing style is fun, dead honest, highly personal, and incredibly insightful. He truly understands the struggles we all face and challenges us to meet those struggles in a whole new way.

Wayne K.

Being A Gentle-Man provides us with a mirror in which we can clearly see ourselves and a powerful vision of who we may choose to become.

Dennis H.

The story will intrigue you, the content will amaze you, and the exercises will transform you.

Linda R.

In his seminars, Glenn demonstrates his profound love for people, an uncanny understanding of their needs, and the ability to explain, in the clearest possible terms, the changes that they need to make, if they are to have those needs met. Reading this book is like having Glenn in your home, teaching you everything you need to know, in order to have an incredible marriage.

Don and Kathy H.

I have read virtually every Christian self-help book on the market, and I truly believe that this is the best, most insightful, and most helpful book you will ever find.

Scott D.

Glenn and Gwen say, “Our God wants you to live in powerfully right relationship, with Him and with all of the people in your life.” With the help of this book, you can do exactly that.

Angela G.

This little book is SO powerful! You will see yourselves so clearly it will make you laugh. And then cry. And then get to work.

John S.

Playing TAG should be on every Christian’s bookshelf. It reveals the simple, amazing truths about relationships – how they get off-track and how to quickly and lovingly get them back on the right track.

Erik A.

The day I read this book is the day everything in my life changed. I now have rich, TAG-free relationships with all of the people in my life and I am never going back!

Dorothy W.

I have been a Christian for a very long time and never before have I heard the scriptures explained so clearly or experienced God’s presence so completely.

Janet C.

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Dr. Glenn Pickering, a nationally recognized Christian therapist with 40 years of intensive study, is full of revolutionary insights, real life examples and concrete change strategies that help individuals and couples create the joyful, loving relationships they’ve always wanted.

He has spent the past four decades studying relationships — learning how to build, strengthen, and maintain truly amazing connections with God and with other people. During this time, he has had the honor of teaching, counseling, and mentoring thousands of people, each of whom taught me something about the art of living in relationship.

He also is the author of the free eBook, “The ART of Relationships: Stop Playing TAG and Start Being Happy” which is available HERE!

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