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With practical insight, humor, and wisdom, Dr. Glenn will help your audience identify relationship problems, navigate conflict, and build thriving, loving relationships.

PHD in Psychology

40+ years as Relationship Counselor

Author of 3 books

“[Dr. Glenn] is an engineer, a scientist, and a PHD in Psychology. He has the ability to condense and make the complicated very clear.”
Bill Arnold
KTIS show host

Dr. Glenn Pickering

The Relationship Doctor

For Dr. Glenn, the world is all about patterns.

Born autistic and with no social or relational skills, he pursued engineering until a psychology class revealed human behavior and relationships have patterns, too.

This has led to 40 years of studying human behavior and relationships (and a PHD in Psychology).

Dr. Glenn’s unique and practical approach has helped thousands experience healthy, lasting relationships.

He teaches in-person seminars and shares digital resources like articles, books, downloads, and courses at


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  • There are so many similarities between the children’s game of TAG and what we do in our relationships as adults– and this is not good.  Dr. Glenn Pickering explains that when we play TAG in our adult relationships we are doing so out of a fearful mindset.  Since fear is not godly Glenn helps us see alternative[...]
  • What could change if we slowed down and listened for God’s voice before we responded to people? Dr. Glenn Pickering joins Bill to talk about resisting the urge to judge, taking care of ourselves while also taking care of others, what to do when our conversations with others get heated, and much more.
  • We are designed for relationship with one another, which influences every area of our lives. Dr. Glenn Pickering says that includes our job satisfaction. Surveys show that dissatisfaction at work is closely tied with relationships, too.
  • Everyone has one, a fable or story they’ve convinced themselves of, and it’s usually a lie. These eternal narratives develop early in life and most people aren’t able to identify their conception. Dr. Glen Pickering discusses the signs and symptoms of the fables and lies that can haunt us for decades.
  • Being betrayed by someone you trust is a deeply painful experience. When we’re personally wounded by a family member, a friend, a colleague, even a fellow church member, how should we respond? Dr. Glenn Pickering says it’s wise not to trust our first reaction to feelings of betrayal (which can cause us to seek revenge), but[...]
  • When conflicts arise in your marriage, are you quick to point the finger at your spouse? Dr. Glenn Pickering says the majority of marital conflicts are the result of the blame game, poor communication and destructive patterns.

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