Virtual Christian Counseling Services

Are you looking for a compassionate Christian counselor to meet with virtually?

Whether you’re halfway across the globe or looking for an easy way to meet with a Christian counselor, Dr. Glenn Pickering would be glad to meet with you.

Dr. Glenn Pickering has worked in the field of Christian counseling for more than 30 years. He provides a wealth of knowledge and experience so you can have confidence that your time with Glenn will be very helpful. 

As Dr. Glenn’s meets with you, he’ll draw on his Christian faith and years of counseling experience to clearly speak to the situations that you’re walking through. Dr. Glenn seamlessly connects the two spheres of psychology and faith in a way that is extremely understandable and beneficial to his virtual Christian counseling clients.

Dr. Glenn Pickering: #1 Virtual Christian Counselor

If you’re looking for a reliable, trusted and friendly virtual Christian counselor to talk through whatever situation you’re currently in, contact Dr. Glenn today! Feel free to reach out for a free 20 minute consultation!

Dr. Glenn Pickering offers virtual relationship, and family counseling services. 

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