Virtual Family Counseling

Are you seeking virtual family counseling services?

Family dynamics can be difficult, as stresses from both inside and outside of the home may lead to discord. If your family has been struggling to get along lately, it may be time to seek help from an experienced and empathetic family counselor.

Dr. Glenn Pickering has over 30 years of experience with family counseling and he is eager to meet with you virtually to help your family build the best possible relationships with one another. In addition to being a licensed counselor, Dr. Glenn has a family of his own and can use his personal experiences to relate to your family and help you find solutions to any interpersonal problems.

Dr. Glenn understands that it can be difficult to bring the whole family to his office for an in-person counseling session, which is why he offers virtual family counseling to help families across America in their efforts to love and support one another.

Reputable Virtual Family Counseling

If your family is going through a hard time and wishes to meet virtually with a licensed counselor, Dr. Glenn is here to help you out. Contact Dr. Glenn Pickering today to ask about his virtual family counseling services!

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