Virtual Relationship Counseling

Are you in need of virtual relationship counseling services?

Our relationships with the people around us are more important than anything, and when difficulties arise in those relationships, it can be a great source of stress. Whether you’re struggling with your relationship to a significant other, family members or co-workers, a licensed and compassionate relationship counselor can give you guidance.

Dr. Glenn Pickering has provided relationship counseling for over 30 years and he’ll gladly set up a virtual counseling session with you to help you work on any of your personal relationships. Whether you’re suffering strife with your spouse or struggling to connect with your child, Dr. Glenn can address everything you want to improve about the relationships which matter the most to you.

Because it can be difficult to arrange in-office visits with a licensed counselor during these busy and trying times, Dr. Glenn offers virtual relationship counseling to help people all over the country to develop mutually positive and fulfilling relationships with those around them.

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