What Exactly is Relationship Counseling?

Relationships are the foundations of our life and we have one with everyone we know, whether they’re a significant other, a child or a friend. Every relationship has the potential to be good or bad, healthy or unhealthy, close or distant; the determining factor is how you and another person interact with one another.

Positive interactions will improve the relationship and create closeness just as negative interactions will harm the relationship and create distance.

If you’re struggling with a relationship that’s important to you and you want to find a new way to connect with the other person, it may be time to seek relationship counseling. Working with an experienced relationship counselor like Dr. Glenn Pickering can help you to transform a relationship that is struggling into one that is flourishing and brings joy to your life.

Dr. Glenn’s relationship counseling is based on the concept of “TAG”, named for the popular children’s game. In the traditional game of TAG, one kid is designated as “IT” and that kid runs around trying to touch the other kids so that they will become “IT” instead. When your relationships become problematic, they start to play out much like a game of TAG, with two people trying desperately not to be IT.

When that happens, both people in the relationship try to avoid becoming IT by first avoiding certain topics with one another and then by avoiding communication with the other person as much as possible. Once a disagreement occurs and a person is made to feel they have become IT, they will try to TAG the other person by yelling at them and blaming them for the problems in their relationship.

Dr. Glenn Pickering understands this harmful game of TAG all too well; in fact, he wrote an entire book about it! Dr. Glenn can help you to stop playing this TAG and start improving your relationship so that you can both be happy.

Get in touch with Dr. Glenn today for either virtual or in-person relationship counseling services!

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