PLAYING TAG You’re Not it!






We have all played the childhood version of Tag – the universal game in which the goal is to not be IT.
It turns out that most of us are still playing. Except now we are playing TAG, the grown-Up version of the game.
The childhood version was fun.
The grown-Up version is not.
This version is the reason why we struggle with loneliness, create distance in our relationships, enter into useless arguments, think we need to be right, become overly-critical, and experience anxiety.
In short, it is THE reason for every form of wrong relationship in your life.
Once you understand the game, you will see it everywhere.
And you will have the power to break through the game and to create the relationships that you truly desire.
Your familyrelationships, social relationships, and work relationships all wil be transformed.
Our God wants for you to live in powerfully right relationship, with Him and with the people in your life.
Now you can.

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