YES, YOU CAN!!! Stop Playing TAG and Start Being Happy Ebook






If you are like many of the individuals or couples who come to me for help, you are probably wondering, “Can you help me/us get back to the (better) relationship we used to have?”

The answer is “no,” for two reasons. One, I don’t have the power to rewind time; I’m good but I’m not that good! Secondly, even if I did have the power, I wouldn’t want that for you. How you were back then is how you got to here! Even if I could take you back to where you were two years ago, for example, that would just mean that two years from now, you would be coming to me for help.

I am NOT here to help to stay in survival mode, put a Band-aid on your wounded relationship, or help you to re-create the type of relationship you already know how to build. I have goals for you that are much, much higher than that.

You can’t coast, any longer.

You are at the point where you know that just continuing on in your same old ways is not going to work and is not going to make you happy. Your life is about to either get way better or to fall apart.

That’s why I would encourage you to set your sights high, embrace your situation without judgment, apply the very personal, concrete lessons that I will happily teach you, and get ready for a miracle.

Because you can have that miracle.

That’s my promise to you.